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Since 2010, we have released more than seven hundred young falcons. During this time, thanks to these reintroductions, over 400 young falcons have already hatched in nature. Every year, we try to ring the young falcons in all nests we know. We run live broadcasts from several of them, thanks to which we can keep track of what is happening in the slots.

This year, we plan to release another 80 falcons, ring all young birds in their natural nests, and transmit from falcon nests. In March and April this year we've launched three more new online previews.

To achieve this, financial resources are necessary for this.

We do not have € 74,344 for this year yet

It will not be possible without your help. We count on your support that thanks to the funds raised, we will be able to continue our efforts.

We count on every, even the smallest donation


€ 8 948 from € 83 292

Thank you to all donors

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Falco Peregrinus Sokół wędrowny w Polsce - różne obserwacje

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03 Jun 2019 18:54 #71 by tiga8
tiga8 replied the topic: Sokół wędrowny w Polsce - różne obserwacje

I nasz nowy przyjaciel:)

Wspaniały KLEKS
A dlaczego Kleks ,domycie się sami;)

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